K-Bites is a service for the creation of performances and para-theatrical actions aimed to the culinary world.

A collaborative proposal between Kaiseki Teatre and chefs to provide storytelling from single dishes to whole menus and gastronomical ideas of all kind.

This idea originates in the investigation process made for the show Yuzu, and the work shared with the teams of some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world such as elBulli, Mibu, Dos Palillos, Disfrutar, etc... 

  • Counselling on the restaurant's Story Telling.

  • Creation of stories and menu concepts

  • Training of the room staff about how to introduce dishes, sections or whole menus.

  • Creation of atmospheres to backup gastronomic proposals

Kaiseki Teatre con Ferran Adrià
Kaiseki Teatre en Mibu
Kaiseki Teatre y Albert Raurich
Kaiseki Teatre JB Restavracija
Kaiseki Teatre i comerjapones.com
Kaiseki Teatre i Tamae Imachi