The Tiger of  Yuzu

A meeting that will entail a great change for both prestigious chefs

The Tiger of Yuzu is a play, based on real events, about the inspiring friendship between two geniuses of gastronomy: Ferran Adrià, the chef who has transformed contemporary cuisine and Hiroyoshi Ishida, the Great Master of traditional Japanese cooking.

In 2002, at the peak of his career, Ferran Adrià realizes how at his restaurant elBulli, the high-performance standards are slowly killing the creativity.

Meanwhile at Mibu, the restaurant in Ginza of Hiroyoshi Ishida and his wife Tomiko, they keep on practicing the traditional kaiseki cuisine, becoming the guardians of ancient Japanese traditions. But in a frenzy city as Tokyo, the interest in traditions quickly decreases.

A show that sets a dialogue between modernity and tradition and serves as an example for relationships between different cultures in the XXIst Century

The Tiger of Yuzu opened on July the 3rd  2017 at Festival GREC in Barcelona

Pitch video


Yuzu. Ferran Adrià
Yuzu. Los Ishida en el Mibu
Yuzu. ElBulli
Yuzu. Juli Soler y Ferran Adrià
Yuzu. Los Ishida
Yuzu. Noche de estreno
Yuzu. Noche de estreno
Yuzu. Cena en el Mibu

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